EcoMaris Presents: The St. Lawrence Reporters

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Capture the Sea

In 2023, we welcomed interns aboard the EcoMaris 1 for an exclusive ‘naval residency’ in journalism.

Five enthusiasts of the St. Lawrence (for its social, environmental, educational and economic dimensions) enjoyed a unique expedition while producing video vignettes on themes related to the river.

Throughout the year, EcoMaris’ channels will broadcast their vision of the St. Lawrence as the general public embarks on a virtual expedition - one that will take them into the heart of the St. Lawrence and all of its mysteries.

Internship in Two Acts

William Laplante, Chanel Belisle, Nicole Doummar, Andrée-Anne Desmeulles and Émile Gagné are preparing for an 8 to 12-day expedition, during which they will capture images, record interviews and develop a series of video clips.

Our Reporters will benefit from the support of Michel Coulombe, a renowned author and columnist who specializes in film, as well as from the EcoMaris communications department.

To discover the St. Lawrence with our reporters, keep an eye on EcoMaris’ social media as well as on our Web platform’s dedicated space, all year round!

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EcoMaris Journalists

By sailing under our banner, the St. Lawrence Reporters join an active, committed and united generation. They help EcoMaris use and share the transformative power of the ocean - a climate regulator and community builder.

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