Our Projects

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Our Projects

In addition to offering core programs, EcoMaris lends its vessels and expertise to one-off projects whose social, scientific and/or environmental impact calls for the transformative power of the global ocean.

Our decade-long experience in the fields of navigation and expedition planning allows us to meet the needs of a diversified clientele.

Thanks to tailor-made projects, we add a ‘hands-on’ dimension to projects carried out by various institutions, organizations and companies.

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As part of our expansion project known as the ‘Montreal Ocean House’, we are launching avant-garde cruises to offer ecotourism with a scientific twist.
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Philosophy hops on board - Become a PhiloMariner!
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EcoMaris Presents: The St. Lawrence Reporters

In 2023, we’re welcoming interns aboard the EcoMaris 1 for an exclusive ‘naval residency’ in journalism.
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Brion Sharks

EcoMaris teamed up with the St. Lawrence Shark Observatory (ORS) to launch innovative research expeditions on the great white sharks off Brion Island.


EcoMaris joins forces with experienced guides from the Karavaniers agency to offer eco-adventure at sea. Environmental awareness and sustainable tourism come together in a unique, low-footprint expedition.
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EcoMaris teaches the basics of navigation, teamwork, marine ecosystems and species observation to youth from all walks of life - many of whom are BIPOC and/or 2SLGBTQ+. We also celebrate linguistic diversity: guided by a bilingual crew, English-speaking participants enjoy the benefits of French immersion.

Renting the EcoMaris

Do you have a project that you would like to submit to us? Would you like EcoMaris to partner with your organization to achieve it? It’s all possible! Fill out the form below to send us your proposition.

In addition to offering sea expeditions which include crew members, training in navigation, food, insurance and more, EcoMaris can provide additional services such as media recording, video editing and digital broadcast on all of our Web channels.


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What is EcoMaris?

EcoMaris connects human beings to the global ocean. We are creating an active, committed and united generation. 

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