Une traversée entre elles - A documentary series by Nicole Doummar

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After taking you on a Ships2Shores project with Justin Vaillancourt, embark with us and Nicole on Opportunity road 2 through a documentary mini-series.

In September 2023, Nicole came aboard the EcoMaris 1 to produce five vignettes recounting the intimate, soothing and enriching experience of a group of women who meet and surpass each other in the confines of a sailboat. A journey marked by solidarity, strength and humor, where the unsaid is finally said out loud.

To find out more about her creative process, meet Nicole here!

Enjoy your viewing!


Épisode 2 - Disponible le 11/01/2024

Épisode 3 - Disponible le 16/01/2024

Épisode 4 - Disponible le 18/01/2024

Épisode 5 - Disponible le 23/01/2024

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