Voguez jeunesse, a series by Émile Gagné

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Come aboard with Émile

Our "St. Lawrence Reporters" project adds a new color to its palette with this brand-new series by our reporter Émile Gagné. Setting sail from Rimouski in July 2023, Émile's mission was to produce 5 capsules following the adventures of the season's third Ships2Shores cohort, entirely reserved for young people aged 13 to 17.

Today he offers us the result of his onboard residency with this series, whose synopsis reads:

"These 18 young people had the chance to live a unique experience, to forge links and to familiarize themselves with an environment, for many, still unknown. Navigating the river and coping with changing conditions was the aim of the Ship2Shores program. To give these teenagers the opportunity to meet each other, forge bonds and discover navigation. Through everyday moments and the unique impressions of marine nature, imagination took shape. Sometimes gentle, sometimes turbulent, the river brought people together, nourished them and exposed them to new horizons. From Quebec City to Rimouski via the Fjord, dynamics have been built and indelible memories anchored."

If you'd like to meet Émile before (or after) viewing his capsules, click here!

Enjoy your viewing!

Épisode 1- La préface

Épisode 2- Merveille bleue

Épisode 3 - Entre fleuve et fjord.

Épisode 4 - L'aventure en images.

Épisode 5 - Le temps présent

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