Se lier grâce au Saint-Laurent - A documentary series by Maxime Desmeules

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Now it's the turn of our flagship program to be the subject of a new Reporters du Saint-Laurent series! Let Maxime's magnificent work blow you away.

Synopsis: Sailing is a rich learning experience, especially when it comes to creating bonds. What factors encourage the development of solidarity on board? In four vignettes, discover how people meeting for the first time forge relationships not only with each other, but also with the St. Lawrence.

To find out more about Maxime and his creative journey, we've set out to meet him, so come and join us!

For the next 2 weeks, you can discover his entire series on this page. Enjoy!

Épisode 1 - Manœuvrer

Épisode 2 - Écouter

Épisode 3 - Découvrir

Épisode 4 - Partager

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