Our Programs

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EcoMaris’ core programs use the transformative power of the St. Lawrence and the ocean to teach :

  • navigation
  • a healthy lifestyle
  • self-confidence
  • knowledge of oneself and others
  • teamwork
  • social and professional skills
  • environmental conservation
  • community involvement

What is EcoMaris?

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Giving Back the St. Lawrence


Giving Back the St. Lawrence is an immersive program for elementary and high school students. It is tailored to youth in grade 5, 6, 7 and 8.

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Native River

Indigenous Communities

EcoMaris partners with First Nations to offer internships to Indigenous youth.

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Young Adults

Capstan is our flagship program, tailored to young adults seeking professional and personal meaning.

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Opportunity Road


It is possible to find your way through a different path: one marked by creativity, audacity and independence. 

What is EcoMaris?

EcoMaris connects human beings to the global ocean. We create an active, committed and united generation.

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