Our sailboat was specifically designed for educational, conferential and training purposes. Its low draft allows for an easy access where other boats struggle to go, from the shallows to the narrowest bays. It’s the perfect sailboat for navigating the St. Lawrence, yet its specifications allow it to travel on any ocean, from the Caribbean to the coldest waters.

It’s a fore-and-aft rigged ketch. This means that our boat has 4 sails: a headsail, a staysail, a mainsail and a mizzen. All manoeuvres are accomplished manually by participants and crew members. Rigging demands lots of maintenance. This work is done throughout the year by the shipyard team, but also as part of our participants’ training.

The central room of the ship, which is called a square, is vast and well-lit. It has a big oval table which can seat over 16 guests, for meals and group activities. Our sailboat is equipped with more than 18 berths. The aft cabin serves as a base for the crew, while participants use the square and the front hut.


  • Size: 19.90 m (65’) X 5.40 m
  • Overall length: 26.30 m (85’)
  • Draft: 1.20 m
  • Air draught: 21 m
  • Displacement: 56 tons
  • Upwind sail area: 190 m2
  • Number of berths: 20
  • Daily passenger capacity: 29
  • Built as a training vessel: 1999 Bremer Bootsbau, Vegesack, Allemagne
  • Hull: steel
  • Motor: MAN 6CV D2866E, 6 cyl. diesel 185kWIl
  • Respects all security norms for sail training vessels according to Transport Canada (TP 13313).
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