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River Guides Us

It is possible to find your way through a different path: one marked by creativity, audacity and independence. Creating your job to fulfill a business dream or opting for a career change are just a few examples of opportunities that are at your fingertips.

Tailored to women with an interest in entrepreneurship, as well as those wanting to explore new career and training paths, Opportunity Road pairs participants with mentors from the private, public and non-profit worlds. Through direct action, these women guide participants towards a set of new skills. Our ‘customized’ approach also helps develop abilities to interact with others, which makes for greater success in life.

Thanks to the pre- and post-expedition workshops offered with this program, Opportunity Road’s mentoring lasts over time.

Our initiative allows participants to live an incredible experience aboard a ship that sails right into the heart of the St. Lawrence River.

3-Step Program

Before the Expedition

Participants are invited to attend meetings so that they further develop their support network.

During the Expedition

Guided by an all-female crew, participants learn about themselves, professional skills and marine ecosystems. There’s never a dull moment aboard the EcoMaris!

After the Expedition

Participants have a chance to collaborate in the context of various activities, workshops, conferences and networking events.


Purpose of the Program

The purpose of Opportunity Road is to share knowledge between mentors and participants, using navigation as a tool to strengthen skills and relationships.

In all of its programs, EcoMaris works to improve living conditions amongst participants, through maritime training that is both social and environmental. With Opportunity Road, EcoMaris is innovating with an all-female expedition that uses business as a path towards independence.

Our mentoring program offers support to women who wish to develop a meaningful project for themselves and their community - one that will lead to greater professional and personal satisfaction.


No sailing abilities are necessary to apply.

This year, EcoMaris is primarily working with participants in the Let’s Start Up initiative led by the Lise Watier Foundation. Our goal is to help women:

  • Develop essential skills to further their career
  • Improve their self-confidence through direct action, outside of their comfort zone
  • Build a professional support network

Opportunity Road is a free program where mentors act as volunteers.

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Communications workshop on board


Our mentors work in a variety of sectors, thanks their diverse expertise. This ensures comprehensive support to participants. Our mentors’ fields of work include:

  • Team Management and Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Administration and Accounting
  • Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Funding Strategies

"In business, the maritime industry and everywhere else, women deserve a place. While some arrive confident and determined, others need a boost, a model that proves that things are possible. (...) I like to learn from women from all walks of life who, like me, carry a passion: women who aspire to a brilliant future and dive head first into adventure."

  • Captain Caroline Dick

Words from Participants & Mentors

I learned a lot about navigation, life in a group, communication, the pleasures of being together but with differences. To relax, to think of me, to make meaningful connections, to not get afraid of getting started, and believe in me.


I got to know my peers, their expectations and their fears. I started to bond during the training and we had a lot of fun. I also learned that in entrepreneurship, you have to go up one step at a time, we may go back at times but we have to keep our heads up and keep moving forward.


This experience on the sailboat taught me, once again, the importance of getting out of your comfort zone in order to grow and enrich your personal experiences. I'll remember this experience, the importance of having the right attitude according to the different contexts and issues that we encounter.


I learned to let go. I understood that the sailling experience allows deep introspection and allows me to develop deep bonds with others.


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