Spring repairs with a big team!

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The season is underway! All thanks to the fact that the boat was ready on time! The list of arrangements to be made on the EcoMaris 1 before departure was short, but still arm-intensive. And once again, who came to lend a hand? Our wonderful volunteers!

In addition to the usual annual maintenance work on pulleys, mast and rust prevention, the yacht was also given some space optimization work. The most notable changes are in the wheelhouse, where the radios and navigation screens have been rearranged. Previously positioned high up, the navigation monitor screen has been lowered, within easy reach of all those who had to tiptoe to reach it. Accessibility to this screen is essential, as it's with it that we steer and monitor the marine traffic around us.  

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Our cable management is now worthy of the greatest masterpieces, with fold-out cable covers that streamline and unclutter much of the wheelhouse. In the crew cabin, our volunteers have managed to optimize space and create more room for our crew. Indeed, Thomas has built us a superb compartmentalized shelving unit which will be very useful for our entire crew.

We asked him how he came to generously donate two weeks of his time to our organization!

“A week before the job site, I quit my job so I had a lot of free time... and it had been a long time since I'd had any! I saw the advert and thought it was exactly what I needed. So I helped out with the carpentry on the boat's windows, the painting on the deck and this shelf for the crew cabin. “

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Thomas was one of the many people who came to help us with this three-week project, and on behalf of the entire EcoMaris team we'd like to thank you for contributing to this wonderful start to the season. Never before have we had such an enthusiastic response to our workcamps - from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

This mobilization gave us the boost we needed to get the season off to a great start, and the whole team is looking forward to sailing in a yacht that's ready for adventure! By the way, you can follow our adventures on our platforms and stay informed all season long by reading our newsletter! 

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