Giving Back the St. Lawrence

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The River as a Teacher

Giving Back the St. Lawrence is an immersive program for elementary and high school students. It is tailored to youth in grade 5, 6, 7 and 8.

This program was born out of a desire to pass on our love for the river to younger generations, to ‘give them back’ a hidden gem.

Giving Back the St. Lawrence provides school groups with an opportunity to experience the St. Lawrence firsthand, aboard a training vessel. Our ship welcomes classes for 2 days and 1 night, allowing them to discover the great ocean river. Students become familiar with the St. Lawrence and better understand the importance of its protection.

Giving Back the St. Lawrence is based on our successful direct-action approach: it uses the river as a teaching tool to foster knowledge, merge disciplines and channel the magical power of the open sea.

The steps

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Invite the River

In the first stage of Giving Back the St. Lawrence, schools and the ocean meet well before the expedition.

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Float on Our Boat

Experience the St. Lawrence with your class! The second stage of our program allows students to ‘live’ the river on an impressive training vessel.

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Take Action

The third phase of Giving Back the St. Lawrence makes the experience last beyond the expedition by anchoring knowledge acquired at sea.

Partners of the Program

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