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Since 2012, EcoMaris has been working with young adults who have drifted away from the job market for various reasons. Opportunity Road was born out of a desire to help young women with an interest for entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

Inspired by various international projects, we have developed an innovative program based on mentorship, direct action and a passion for business.


This program provides influential women with an opportunity to guide young women living in homelessness and who have a dream of entrepreneurship. Each mentor will have a chance to share her expertise during an expedition aboard the EcoMaris. Mentors will also help mentees achieving their business goals through a 1-year follow-up.


The purpose of this program is to help young women envision themselves as contributors to the economy. In other words, we want to help young women develop a meaningful project while rebuilding their self-esteem and finding a path to personal and professional success.


– To promote entrepreneurship
– To create a professional support network
– To encourage business creation


– To support women in business
– To contribute to women’s progress in the national economy


– To lift taboos around homelessness
– To allow for different social profiles to connect
– To foster long-term collaboration

Dates for this program will be announced shortly.


I hope that Opportunity Road will help me down the path that will lead me to my dreams.

Boarding this ship, I expect to be fascinated with the maritime world as well as traditional knowledge and cutting-edge technology behind it.

Since dropping out of school, I’ve explored a wide range of careers yet none of them stroke a chord. I feel I have to draw my own path and the prospect of having a mentor by my side is very reasurring as I’m taking an important step. A mentor can help me use the skills I’ve gathered along the way to make something coherent and useful.

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