This morning, the Roter Sand left Havre Colombier under the warm sun. The new mates attempted a manoeuvre, weighing the anchor and leaving the bay using only the sails. It required thorough preparation, communication an team coordination.

We were then ready for our next challenge: a “mutiny”. Marguerite was our manoeuvre chief for the day, and she was brilliant at it. However, winds were light – between 4 and 10 knots -, which made manoeuvring harder and our route longer. After a few hours of slow sailing (and sometimes not sailing), we lowed the sails and finished with the motor. To each their own during the afternoon: a nap under the sun, a session on knots or… apple crumble.

After crossing the traffic separation scheme to reach the southern shore, we anchored in Ile Bicquette. The sun set under pink clouds, offering an amazing spectacle. Our day ended with some plankton observation through a microscope and a crash course in biology.


This text was written by Catherine Faucher in 2018, for the Défi environnement du Cégep Édouard Montpetit 2018. It was later translated by our team.

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