Cosmic Plankton

Cosmic Plankton: since 2017

Cosmic Plankton is a science-based, tourism program which offers a beginner’s journey aboard a sail training vessel. It allows the general public to discover the wonders of the St. Lawrence. During a 7-day expedition in the Minganie region, experience the unique discovery of ecosystems, sailing techniques and secrets of the cosmos. Go from the infinitely small to the infinitely large! 

At anchor, by night, dive into the starlit sky of the Milky Way with an astrophysician. It will be your introduction to astronomy, which reorients mankind in the larger universe. 

During the day, use powerful microscopes to uncover the colourful world of plankton or “sea nomads”. Taught by a biologist, learn about the importance of plankton, which is the base of the marine food chain responsible for creating 50% of our planet’s oxygen. 

No sailing experience is required. To enrol in this program, please email Lise at 

Excerpt from our Expedition Diary

“Kayaks, microscopes, cameras, laptops and… passionate participants: everything and everyone is ready on board. We are both nervous and excited to begin a fabulous journey, through which we’ll discover the fascinating world of plantkon, invisible to the naked eye yet essential to life on Earth. From this micro-universe, we will draw parallels with the macroworld of constellations and galaxies, using powerful microscopes and the sky above our heads. What a blessing to be able to combine marine biology and astronomy in such a wonderful setting. Nowhere better then here to understand ecosystems and everything that makes them magical.”


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