Open Expeditions:
Karavaniers or the New Cosmic Plankton

In 2020, we changed the format of all expeditions open to the general public. Our former Cosmic Plankton program – an initiatory, explorative and environmental expedition – will now be knowed as Karavaniers. We have, indeed, established a partnership with the Karavaniers Agency which specializes in adventure trekking, sea kayaking and mountain climbing around the world. Their expertise matches that of EcoMaris.

In August 2020, we collaborated with Karavaniers to organize two incredible, 15-day expeditions. It was an opportunity to explore new areas of the St. Lawrence, introduce citizens to fragile and complex ecosystems and dive into environmental awareness, according to our mission. The Karavaniers Expeditions inspire love for the St. Lawrence and a desire to protect it.

Thanks to a high participation rate, we are thrilled to continue our fruitful collaboration with the Karavaniers Agency: together, we will create more adventures in the upcoming years.

Just like Cosmic Plankton, the Karavaniers program creates unique learning experiences during which participants learn about the basics of sailing, teamwork, marine ecosystems and the St. Lawrence as a whole.

This summer, expeditions will be organized on:

EXPEDITION #1: July 5   -19
EXPEDITION #2: July 23 – August 5
EXPEDITION #3: August 9 – 22
EXPEDITION #4: August 27 – September 9

For all reservations regarding next year’s expeditions, please visit:


“To me, Karavaniers was a memorable and unforgettable journey into a stunning world populated by whales, deers, century-old lichens and a thousand wonders! A formidable incursion in places ruled by winds and tides where I met new challenges and extraordinary people. I’m extremely grateful I had a chance to discover one of the most beautiful corners of our vast and magnificent province. Thank you Karavaniers and EcoMaris!”

– 2020 Karavaniers Participant

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