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What is PhiloMaris?

Promote eco-citizen action by philosophizing about the ocean. Become a PhiloMariner!

Our programs have proven the transformative potential of ocean expeditions for young people. The practice of philosophy, in its search for truth and meaning, is also a profoundly transformative experience.

The PhiloMaris project brings these two experiences together by practicing philosophy in the middle of the ocean. We're not talking about the philosophy of the great thinkers, but a practice of philosophical dialogue based on attention, questioning and reasoning.

A quest for meaning supported by the transformative experience of sailing at sea.

The philosophical workshops are designed to reinforce the ability to reason, the development of critical thinking and the awareness of civic responsibility, during a concrete experience at sea discovering the St. Lawrence River and its riches to be preserved.

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Philosophy for children, a new learning horizon.

Originating in the late 1960s with the research of philosophers M. Lipman and A.M. Sharp, philosophy for children (PFC) or philosophical dialogue practice (PDP) has grown in popularity over the past 20 years. This approach uses philosophical research as a mean of engaging in dialogues that challenge children to think as individuals and for their group, with others. In this way, we don't teach traditional philosophical theories, but create the conditions for children to "investigate and think together".

The benefits of philosophical dialogue for children and young adults are now well-documented, whether in terms of cognitive, psychological or social development, such as critical thinking, the relationship with learning and knowledge, staying in school, self-esteem, psychological health or living together.  

Professor Gagnon's work shows that teaching philosophy in a particular context reinforces the articulation of philosophical thought in everyday life. 

This project is supported by two researchers from the Collectif d.φhi, a group of international researchers interested in the study and development of philosophical dialogues in children. Pr Arnaud Gagneur, a pediatrician and professor at the Université de Sherbrooke, will coordinate the project in collaboration with Pr Gagnon of Université Laval, director of the Collectif d.φhi and author of Pratiquer la philosophie au primaire. A number of research projects will be carried out to obtain conclusive data that will enable PhiloMaris to be sustained over the coming years.

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How can I take part?

Becoming a PhiloMarin is accessible to everyone, young and old. Becoming a PhiloMarin means being a responsible and committed eco-citizen.

Whether you're a child, a parent, a school teacher, a donor or a director of a community organization, don't hesitate to contact us at the following address:

Arnaud Gagneur - PhiloMaris Project Coordinator:

We'll be welcoming our first Philomariners this year! So keep an eye on our news to jump at the chance to take part in this new, purely ecomarissian experiment! Follow us on our platforms! (InfolettreFacebookInstagramLinkedIn)


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