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Diversity at EcoMaris

EcoMaris teaches the basics of navigation, teamwork, marine ecosystems and species observation to youth from all walks of life - many of whom are BIPOC and/or 2SLGBTQ+. We also celebrate linguistic diversity: guided by a bilingual crew, English-speaking participants enjoy the benefits of French immersion.

EcoMaris' alliance with Broad Reach Canada came naturally. Our Ships2Shores expeditions welcome young people who are willing to develop volunteering initiatives in their community.

Participants must be:

- Canadian citizens or permanent residents

- Aged 13 to 17 or 18 to 30

- Willing to develop a volunteering initiative in their community

- In one of the following categories:

      - BIPOCs

      - Individuals identifying as 2SLGBTQ+

      - Residents of Quebec regions

      - People living in precarious economic conditions


Ships2Shores encourages young people to develop volunteering initiatives that will allow them to actively support their community. Our boat provides the ideal context for reflection upon final projects:

  • What are my core values as an individual?
  • What is my place in the community?
  • How do I want to give back to my community?
  • What can I do to help my community?

With the help of a coach, participants document their thought process in a logbook provided by EcoMaris, in which they write about ideas, strategies, steps for implementation, reports on activities, individual and collective impacts, etc.

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Steps of the Program

1 - Video Meeting with EcoMaris’ counsellor and team members, for them to:

  • break the ice
  • explain the program’s objectives
  • discuss expectations
  • plan communications
  • talk about life at sea
  • answer questions 

2 - Pre-Departure Training Day (includes a first aid course)

3 - 6 to 10 day expedition on the St. Lawrence River

4 - 100 hours of volunteer work and 10 hours of documentation to be completed within a specific timeframe, predefined with your counsellor.


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