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Ecotourism Meets Science

As part of our expansion project known as the ‘Montreal Ocean House’, we are launching avant-garde cruises to offer ecotourism with a scientific twist.

Tailored to anyone who’s curious about the great ocean river, our novel expeditions navigate between Montreal and Quebec City for two days and one night, passing by the cities of Sorel and Trois-Rivières.

Science, environmental awareness and sustainable tourism come together in an unforgettable trip which respects the river.

Tourism of the Future

Our eco-cruises are part of a global trend towards responsible tourism. They plunge into the heart of the St. Lawrence like no other expedition, reaching remote areas full of precious marine life. They cater to all five senses in a playful, educational and immersive experience where discovery primes.

For two days and one night, ecotourists live the river and fall in love with it, thanks to activities amongst the following:

  • Observation of river ecosystems (flora and fauna)
  • Stargazing (without light pollution)
  • Plankton gathering and observation
  • Introduction to citizen, participatory and ocean science
  • Taste of the St. Lawrence’s edible biodiversity
  • Lesson on the river's history and heritage
  • Structured entertainment
  • Immersion in the life of a crew with a passion for nature
  • Introduction to navigation and related concepts (currents, tides, weather, topography, geography, etc.)
  • Communications through state-of-the-art technology
  • Sense of community

Like all of our initiatives, our eco cruises highlight the link between humans, the global ocean, climate and the planet - in an effort to raise environmental awareness and provide universal access to the ocean.

Our cruises are also socially responsible: the money they raise is reinvested in our social and environmental programs.

If you are interested in this offer, please click here to fill in a form with your wishes and questions. This will enable us to contact you as soon as bookings open. See you soon! 

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