Giving Back the St. Lawrence

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Group Discovery

In the first stage of Giving Back the St. Lawrence, schools and the ocean meet well before the expedition.

EcoMaris provides learning activities to be completed in class. These allow students to discover notions that will be addressed during the next phase of the program. Our learning activities are presented as fact sheets which meet various QEP objectives.

Designed for the classroom, these learning activities let students dive into the heart of the St. Lawrence, thanks to numerous river-related themes and disciplines.


Learning Activities

EcoMaris’ educational platform allows teachers to access free activities at any time. These incorporate learning situations (LS) as well as learning and evaluation situations (LES). In order to offer a rich and varied experience, some activities were designed by our partners.

EcoMaris recommends that teachers complete 4 learning activities in class prior to embarking for the expedition - one for each of the following themes:

  • biodiversity and marine life
  • ecology and the environment
  • ships and the maritime industry
  • community life

The goal is to successfully prepare students for their experience at sea, and to allow for a certain logic in the learning process - which facilitates retention.


Selecting Activities

Inviting the river into your classroom has never been easier!

Though this program is only available in French for now, EcoMaris is working at expanding Giving Back the St. Lawrence to English schools from the province and beyond. Revisit this page for updates. In the meantime, if you work for an English school and are interested in the program, please email us at

The other steps

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Float on Our Boat

Experience the St. Lawrence with your class! The second stage of our program allows students to ‘live’ the river on an impressive training vessel.

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Take Action

The third phase of Giving Back the St. Lawrence makes the experience last beyond the expedition by anchoring knowledge acquired at sea.

Partners of the Program

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