Giving Back the St. Lawrence

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Navigate the River

Experience the St. Lawrence with your class!

The second stage of our program allows students to ‘live’ the St. Lawrence on an impressive training vessel.

For 2 days and 1 night, your class will ‘live at sea’ on the EcoMaris 2, cruising the waters between Montreal and Quebec City. Departures and arrivals are made from the same port amongst the following, depending on the time of the year: Montreal, Trois-Rivieres and Quebec City.

Our trips are organized - and supervised - by experienced sailors-educators who are trained regularly to ensure the well-being and safety of students.

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Observe, Act, Discover

On the EcoMaris 2, students learn in an original setting.

Thanks to our approach based on the integration of classroom theory through direct action, youth learn in a way that mixes individual and collective experiences. Students develop their autonomy while ‘bonding’ with the river through ecocitizenship.

Forging new interests and unforgettable memories, students disconnect from routine to broaden their horizons. At sea, nature takes on a new dimension - it becomes the center of everything.

On its training vessel, EcoMaris offers educational workshops that pursue the mission and objectives of the QEP. These workshops often include plankton fishing, microscopic observation, navigation based on astronomy, water analysis, river history, First Nations, teamwork and more.

To better prepare your students, EcoMaris encourages you to ‘invite the river into your classroom’ before the expedition, using our learning activities.


Be the First to Embark

Would you like us to contact you as soon as registration opens? If so, simply fill out the form below. EcoMaris can’t wait to have you on board!


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The other steps

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Invite the River

In the first stage of Giving Back the St. Lawrence, schools and the ocean meet well before the expedition.

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Take Action

The third phase of Giving Back the St. Lawrence makes the experience last beyond the expedition by anchoring knowledge acquired at sea.

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