Opportunity Road 2023: A Beautiful Allegory

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The first cohort of Opportunity Road 2023 is already back on land!

After another women's expedition led by EcoMaris, participants have returned from their stay ‘at sea’, which took place from May 28 to June 6.

After leaving Rimouski, the group had a chance to cross the river twice between the Côte-Nord and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions. Participants spent a few nights at ‘the Bic’ and enjoyed a mid-May swimming break, with water temperature reaching 14℃!

Guided by volunteer mentors Adétola Fagbémi (Executive Director of Digitalement Elles), Dominique LeBlanc (Senior Associate Consultant at Vega Groupe conseil), Marie Pier Garneau (Consultant at Convergence) and Adeline Chapron (Professional Development Coach at the Lise Watier Foundation), participants used direct action to develop professional skills - but also people skills that foster success. 

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After weighing anchor, setting sail and staying the course, they are now equipped to face the challenges of entrepreneurship, as they can count on solid bonds forged ‘at sea’.

With Opportunity Road, EcoMaris leads free women's expeditions that mix social, professional and environmental aspects with a focus on entrepreneurship. The goal is to share knowledge while using navigation to fortify skills and bonds. Our initiative supports meaningful projects for greater personal satisfaction. 

This year, Opportunity Road was partly funded by the Government of Canada (through the Women’s Employment Readiness pilot program), with precious support from the Lise Watier and Chamandy Foundations.

Participants proudly met the challenge of group life at sea. They paved their way with creativity, audacity and independence. 

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Mentor Marie Pier Garneau explains that "it's often through adversity (...) that we get to know ourselves. This can leave us surprised, angry or disappointed, but never unchanged. Opportunity Road is a condensed version of life: when you think something's over, it's not! And as long as it’s not, people are there to support you (...). This adventure on the river is a beautiful allegory of entrepreneurship as it awaits participants: when it’s tough to stay focused in the midst of a storm, never forget that others are here to help, like EcoMaris and the Lise Watier Foundation.”

With preparation workshops and the sea expedition behind them, participants will continue to benefit from the program’s and its partners’ mentoring - through collaborative activities, conferences and other events which support networking.

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