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From spring 2024, EcoMaris 2 will welcome all generations on board, thanks to the Giving Back the St. Lawrence initiative. Our new program’s school editions will invite students from primary and secondary schools, while its ecotourism component will offer unique cruises to families and river adventurers who have an interest in science. All of these passengers will have a chance to learn more about the wonders of the St. Lawrence between Montreal and Quebec City, where we'll share our passion for the river.

This wide range of audiences was calling for the best tools in terms of discovery, communications and virtual immersion. Since we cannot bring all the people in the world to the river, we wondered about the best ways to bring the river to people. This led us to the acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment, thanks to the generosity of our partners. Such devices will allow us to share our knowledge and sense of wonder - not just on our boats, but also virtually.


EcoMaris 2 in renovation.

Once plumbing and electrical work has been completed on the EcoMaris 2, one of our first investments will be numerous cameras and a live broadcasting system. This way, we hope to bring the general public to places where even passengers can't always go - such as the mini-planktonarium and the wheelhouse. Located in the main hall, two large screens will broadcast the lab's workshops, which will allow us to share microscopic observations in real time. Our screens will also show the wheelhouse chart table during navigation. When not in use, they will feature various videos and photos.

As for the ship’s terrace, it will be equipped with a broadcast center with a half-dome that will house a large-screen projector. A top-notch sound system will enhance images, but also allow for open-air collaborations with various musicians and speakers.

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