Sailing through the seasons

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In this unique adventure, you'll be completely immersed in life aboard a tall ship, and will be expected to participate as a crew member. Are you a sailor at heart?

A multitude of activities will be offered during this transformative experience:

  • Learn to sail
  • Discover the workings of a tall ship
  • Initiation to crew life and active participation in daily missions 
  • Hiking and kayaking depending on weather conditions
  • Nature observation in the heart of the Fjord
  • Plankton discovery activities
  • ...and much more!

Expedition details

  • Dates : October 5 to 11, 2024
  • Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
  • Group size: maximum of 12 adult participants (or 16 and over accompanied by a parent)
  • Region: exclusive navigation in the great Saguenay Fjord, departing from and returning to Tadoussac.
  • Expedition price: $2400 per person per expedition. As an NPO, no taxes apply!

Spirit of the expedition

You'll love this expedition if you're an adventurer or camper with the curiosity to learn and the ability to marvel at the exciting days ahead.

Living on a boat means living in a close-knit community. It means living simply, with one bunk, a privacy curtain, and two shared bathrooms.

But simple doesn't mean precarious, because we'll want for nothing!  In the central saloon, a majestic round table brings everyone together for snacks, meals, sailing stories and laughter.

Activities will be based on the day's itinerary, tide times, Mother Nature's moods and current opportunities. Trust the captain and her crew to guide you through this wonderful adventure!

You'll live a complete experience as an active member of the crew, and the daily tasks of life on board will be shared between all participants: cooking, washing up, tidying and cleaning the ship, helping with navigation, etc. It's a real adventure, a real expedition!

To confirm your interest and ask any questions you may have, we invite you to take part in our virtual expedition information meeting on June 5 at 8:00 pm. We'll start with a presentation of the expedition, followed by a Q&A session with the guide.

The cost of the expedition aboard the sail training vessel EcoMaris 1 includes :

  • Accommodation on board all nights
  • All meals on board
  • Sleeping bags and sheets
  • Technical clothing (coats, overalls and rain boots suitable for sailing) for passengers without appropriate equipment
  • Double inflatable kayaks, skirt and paddles
  • Access rights to the national parks to be visited
  • Supervision by a professional guide and the crew of the EcoMaris 1
  • Specific marine safety equipment (lifejacket, harness, VHF radio, EPIRB beacon, lifebuoy, etc.)
  • All ship operations (insurance, fuel, maritime duties, wastewater discharge)

... And does not include :

  • Travel or accommodation expenses to and from the departure and return points of the vessel
  • Personal equipment and hiking boots
  • A dry-suit or wet-suit for kayak trips, depending on the weather. This equipment is compulsory for anyone wishing to take part in the kayak trips.
  • Alcoholic beverages and personal expenses
  • Any extraordinary expenses not included in the program.
Register for the information session on June 05, 8:00 pm
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A few words about the EcoMaris 1 sailboat and our organization.

The EcoMaris sailboat has been specially designed for educational purposes. Its shallow draught (the boat's submerged height) allows access to places usually inaccessible to other sailboats, such as shoals and narrow bays. It's an ideal sailing yacht for the St. Lawrence River and the Saguenay Fjord, but its characteristics also enable it to navigate on all the world's seas, from the West Indies to very cold waters. EcoMaris plays an active role in improving the environmental outlook of citizens, and in creating an active, healthy and committed generation capable of making sound decisions for the environment.

By traveling with EcoMaris, you contribute directly to our NPO's mission. Try the adventure! 

Register for the information session on June 05, 8:00 pm