EcoMaris 2 Leaves its Barge

Eco Maris2 sans barge

July was full of accomplishments for the EcoMaris 2 shipyard team. Their hard work paid off and allowed us to fix an extension to the stern of the vessel. We were also able to launch it ahead of our promising eco-cruises.

Our team of engineers chose to extend the stern with 6 full feet of hull, in order to optimize buoyancy and accommodate a small motorboat. After a week of installing the extension and checking watertightness, our boat was ready to leave its barge (kindly loaned by the Ocean Group). The EcoMaris 2 then briefly took to the skies, thanks to a Hercules crane provided by the St. Lawrence Seaway.

As always, our shipyard team’s dedication and coordinated professionalism allowed for a smooth landing - and this time, we were talking about 170 tons! Yet another impressive operation, as attested by our photos.

Eco Maris2 sans barge 1

It's now time to tackle the ship's electrical and plumbing systems. Winters and time have taken their toll on wastewater treatment systems, and drinking water systems are calling for important restructuring. 

In the meantime, EcoMaris will of course keep you posted on any progress made during this exceptional project.

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