Building Out of Generosity : EcoMaris’ Perfect Challenge

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When sailing stops... work starts!

The off-season 2023 coincided with our biggest shipyard project since the EcoMaris 1 was built in 1999. For six full months, team members put their hearts and souls into giving the ship a new lease on life - with the help of generous volunteers.

Painting the boat's hull figured amongst the renovations that took place. Instead of painting over previous coats as it’s normally done, our team stripped away the paint to work directly on metal, in order to prevent corrosion.


It’s not easy to get rid of years of paintwork! It took our team several months to prepare the ship for sandblasting operations - by building a shelter and dismantlingl interior parts. High-pressure sand was sprayed onto the hull to expose the metal. A first undercoat was then added, before the boat’s signature colours. It took six months of outstanding work.


"This year, shipyard season took on industrial proportions. But with the help of the whole team as well as volunteers, we were able to rise to the challenge. Knowing that we've got a brand-new boat for this season makes us super eager to sail!" explains Alexis Roy-Touchette, Captain of the EcoMaris I.


In addition to the work carried out on EcoMaris 1, our second (and new) ship underwent a similar treatment (on its holds). But the EcoMaris 2 will remain on the barge for the summer, undergoing a thorough renovation (both aesthetically and mechanically). Its launch is scheduled for the fall, along with new program Giving Back the St. Lawrence.

This major shipyard work would have never been possible without our partners, who have provided us with essential services for free. We would like to thank the Ocean Group for lending us a barge, the Port of Montreal for space provided in the Bickerdike Basin, the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway for the Hercules crane as well as QSL for all lifting equipment and materials.

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