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Adventure in Ecotourism

EcoMaris joins forces with experienced guides from the Karavaniers agency to offer eco-adventure at sea.  Environmental awareness and sustainable tourism come together in a unique, low-footprint expedition.

Our Karavaniers stays dive into navigation and marine life. The EcoMaris departs from Anticosti Island or the Basse-Côte-Nord region, with adventurers and their kayaks on board. During 15 days, our vessel crosses the St. Lawrence up to the coasts of Newfoundland or the beaches of Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon.

By day and by night, nature will take your breath away. Sailing, kayaking, hiking and photography come together in a memorable adventure, on and around the St. Lawrence. As you maneuver, explore and watch, a fascinating world reveals itself, from turtles to birds. Like all of our programs, Karavaniers highlights the link between humans, the ocean, climate and our planet.

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What is Karavaniers?

The Karavaniers agency offers tourism that is far from old-fashioned tours: it brings small groups on adventures that focus on the environment, without loss of habitat for species.


"I’m afraid words can’t describe the quality, intensity and power of what I felt during this trip, when looking at the majestic sunrise over the St. Lawrence while standing at the helm of the Ecomaris. Sar watching in the quiet wind, pushing on the sails of our magical boat... I’ll forever cherish such intense, mystical moments.

The Karavaniers expedition goes far beyond beautiful landscapes. Living on a boat is a rich and incredible experience. It brings us closer to ourselves, while travelling in a group (that is) guided by an impressive, competent and knowledgeable crew.

This crew is able to communicate their passion for navigation, for the river and for the land around it (...) This is one of the most beautiful trips I’ve ever been on - certainly one of the most rejuvenating and transformative. Its impact will undoubtedly last."

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