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To make a donation, fill out the form below. You'll instantly receive a tax receipt by e-mail. Big or small, one-time or monthly, every donation counts. As little as $5 a month can allow us to offer someone a chance to take part in a life-changing experience.

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By financially supporting our mission, operations and expertise, you help us improve as an organization and pursue our activities.

Young people are the ones who benefit from your gifts. Through diverse and inclusive programs, EcoMaris transforms their lives on training vessels that turn challenges into opportunities. Our boats offer a chance to grow and succeed.

Our nonprofit works to create a generation that is healthy, active and able to make sound decisions for the future, the environment and communities. That is the secret to our own success.

"The Capstan program changed my life. It allowed me to truly and fully know myself. It gave me a chance to grow as an individual, and to meet people who have become family to me. (...) I feel like I can accomplish and tackle anything. I'd be ready to set sail aboard the EcoMaris any day!"

  • Samuel, Capstan 2022

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 EcoMaris can give your ship a second life.

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