Lancelot Tremblay


Lancelot is an experienced sailor with a passion for the St. Lawrence, youth and environmental issues. He holds a master mariner’s certification from EPAQ. Lancelot has sailed for numerous businesses in a variety of contexts. Successively fisherman, skipper, ship owner, transport crew member and fleet manager for maintenance and safety, he has travelled both on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Since 2013, he has been at the helm of the EcoMaris sailboat. Known for his calm and compassionate demeanour as well as for his humour, Lancelot is appreciated both by his team and program participants.


Simon Paquin

Sailing Coach and EcoMaris' C.E.O.

After falling in love with the sea and becoming a sailor at only 19 years old, Simon Paquin worked as a scuba diving instructor in Martinique. From there, he sailed on small and big boats, solo or as a crew member. Simon has worked as a skipper, instructor and fisherman, exploring the Caribbean, the Mediterranean Sea as well as the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

A passionate educator with an original path, Paquin has also studied Psychoeducation, Communications and Project Management before founding EcoMaris in 2006, in order to realize his dream of creating learning experiences though sailing and environmental expeditions on the St. Lawrence.


Alexis Roy-Touchette

First Mate

Since discovering a passion for sailing, Alexis has seized every opportunity at hand. He has travelled on BC waters, worked as a crew member on the high seas and volunteered for EcoMaris. With a diploma in Sociology and social work experience, Alexis joined EcoMaris to combine a passion for sailing and a desire to foster confidence and solidarity amongst youth. A devoted and attentive sailor, he likes to share his love for the St. Lawrence.


Emilie Boily


Emilie  was introduced to sailing and navigation through her participation to the Capstan program in 2018. Since then, she has developped a strong interest for the original and active lifestyle associated with maritime life. By incorporating continued training into expeditions, Emilie has found a place amongst the EcoMaris crew since 2019. To her, sharing knowledge is an act of celebration and humanity in its purest form.


Alice Zerini-Le Reste


Alice first joined EcoMaris as a program participant. In 2017, Capstan blew the wind in her sails. She hasn’t stopped sailing since. After three Atlantic crossings, she returned to Quebec with memories of Greenland and the Caribbean, ready to embrace the St. Lawrence again. A member of the EcoMaris crew since 2019, she shares her curiosity and passion for the sea with everyone on board.


Jocelyn Boudrias


Jocelyn completed a bridge watch training program at the Institut maritime du Québec in 2015, before joining EcoMaris as a volunteer. Hardworking, resourceful, curious and suprisingly calm, Jocelyn quickly made an impression on the sailboat crew. Motivated and diligent, he is always happy to share his passion with EcoMaris’ participants.

Ghislain Côté

Ship's Officer, Environnemental Division

Aboard the EcoMaris, Ghislain reconnects with all of his passions: sailing, the environment, education, unique encounters and a chance to navigate the majectic St. Lawrence. With years of experience under his belt, both in environmental research and field work, Côté likes to ask participants about their thoughts on environmental topics. As a ship owner, he loves to sail on the St. Lawrence, which reveals its wonders to anyone who dares listening. Through sailing and manoeuvring, Côté hopes to share his passion with participants, sparking love and curiosity for the St. Lawrence.

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Karl Tokatlidis

Ship's Engineer Officer

Karl is a passionate and versatile young man. A graduate from the 2015 navigation program at the Institut maritime du Québec in Rimouski, he was an apprentice on the EcoMaris trip from Scotland to Quebec. Karl has been sailing since childhood. His resourcefulness, enthusiasm and unwavering optimism set him apart. Responsible for mechanical maintenance and electricity on board, he also acts as a watch officer and helps train apprentices.


Garret Gunning


We first met this dedicated deckhand in the Capstan program in 2016. It allowed him to confirm his love for maritime professions through presentation videos. He then obtained his D.E.P. seamanship certificate and travelled on numerous sailboats. He is now an official crew member of the EcoMaris vessel. It is a pleasure to have him on board, with his smile, work ethics and attentionto ohers.

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