Capstan Review

From one adventure to the next…

“…for the longest time, I looked for a path outside of social expectations. I felt that would be my way of having a positive impact on people. From Guatemala to the Arctic Ocean to the African continent, I thought I would learn to know myself better by pushing boundaries to an extreme, in order to prove myself I was worth something. Aware of my luck to experience so much, I still never felt truly happy. I was nostalgic of the past, always looking for something better in the future…

My stay aboard the Roter Sand allowed me to take a break and step back. I could finally focus on the moment and acknowledge my worth. Thanks to incredible encounters made throughout the Capstan expedition, I could become confident in myself, in all that makes me good enough for any dream I have.

After crossing the Atlantic on another boat to test my skills, I now work as a biologist in an environmental group, which is a stimulating professional challenge. Ecology and biology are two passions of mine and they now direct my life. I finally feel like I’ve found my place.”

Melissa Loiseau, #capstanprogram participant, 2017

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A Rest Day for Deckhands

This morning (unfortunately) was the mid-stay mark. We needed a reward: a quiet rest day. VACATIONS, FINALLY! We woke up at anchor close to Ile aux Pommes, where we arrived the day before under a shy sun hidden behind clouds (it is important to specify that we could wake up at 9). Our three “cooks”

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A Capstan Tale

Since we’ve boarded the EcoMaris 2 weeks ago as 12 stowaways following their path to freedom and responsibility, 5 scouts have taught us how to navigate and live with others, bringing us back to our “human-ity”. Since the start of the expedition, we’ve developped relationships, gained knowledge, discovered affinities and aknowledged who we are in

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This morning, the Roter Sand left Havre Colombier under the warm sun. The new mates attempted a manoeuvre, weighing the anchor and leaving the bay using only the sails. It required thorough preparation, communication an team coordination. We were then ready for our next challenge: a “mutiny”. Marguerite was our manoeuvre chief for the day,

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