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Opportunity Road was created out of the desire to offer a unique opportunity to women who have an interest in starting a business or who wish to explore new avenues of employment or studies. Opportunity Road allows women to experiment life on a sailboat on the St. Lawrence River, with other participants and mentors from the business world, the public sector and non-profit organizations.

The objective is to put in common the knowledge of mentors and participants, and to use navigation as a tool for building skills and relationships, in order to support a group of participants interested in entrepreneurship. The mentoring relationship is expected to last over time, thanks to a one-year follow-up, provided by Ecomaris.


Improve the self-confidence of participants by offering an opportunity that allows them to step out of their comfort zone; provide support to participants in the development of a meaningful project, and contribute to their personal and professional satisfaction.

We work to improve the living conditions of participants by offering traditional sailing training programs that include anenvironmental, social and entrepreneurial component.


For the 2022 edition of Opportunity Road, EcoMaris will work primarily with women participating in the Let’s Start Up Program from the Lise Watier Foundation. You are not currently supported by the Lise Watier Foundation, but still feel the call of the sea? Sign up , and you may be considered, if a spot is available.

In the compagny of inspiring women with a varity of expertise, you will have the opportunity :

  • Improve your self-confidence through an activity that will take you out of your comfort zone;
  • Develop your skills to enable you to deepen your professional project;
  • Build a professional support network.

No navigation skills are required. There is no age limit to participate, and the program is free for participants and mentors! All it takes is to be ready to hoist the sails for the week of sailing from June 28 to July 6, 2022.

Registration for the 2022 edition is now closed. Thank you for your interest!

our mentores

The sectors of activity in which the mentors evolve are varied. In addition, their expertise is diversified, thus allowing for complementary support.

Here are the expertises of our mentors:
  • Team management, HR;
  • Management of operations;
  • Administration, accounting;
  • Sales and business development;
  • Search for financing.



Prior to the stay, various meeting opportunities will take place to develop a professional support network involving the mentors and the participants.


Through mentorship and the expedition aboard the sailboat, participants will improve their knowledge about the maritime environment, the development of entrepreneurial skills, and also their self-knowledge. For the 2022 edition, the expedition will begin in Rimouski and end in Quebec. Sailing days can be very busy at times, and everyone has to pitch in to navigate, prepare meals and maintain the boat. As in 2021, the entire EcoMaris crew will be made up of women, with Captain Caroline Dick at the helm.


Upon returning to the mainland, participants will have the opportunity to take part in various activities, such as workshops, conferences, networking events, in addition to continuing to develop their relationship with a mentor. EcoMaris’ support will last for up to one year.

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I worked for 8 years as a navigation officer on merchant ships in Europe. I am now employed by the Institut maritime du Québec in Rimouski as a teacher in the Navigation department for 11 years.
What motivates you to get involved in the Opportunity Road?
I really liked the idea of ​​accompanying young people at sea. As a teacher, I meet young people day by day and I can see their potential. I like to see them unfold and see how they make progress during their internship at sea. Some come back completely transformed, more confident, more interested than ever in their course because they finally know that at the end of the road, it’s is the best job in the world that awaits them.
Young women have just as much potential and definitely belong in the maritime industry as anywhere else. Some arrive very confident and determined, some just need a little “boost”, a trigger, or a positive model that proves to them that it is possible. We all benefit from having positive role models in our lives. I hope to be able to make my small contribution but above all, I also hope to be able to learn from them, from these young women from all walks of life who, like me, have a passion. Women who aspire to a bright future and who dive headfirst into the adventure to get there.

Discover her complete profile by clicking here.


As with many organizations, COVID-19 has an impact on our activities. Navigating with multiple passengers in a confined area can be a challenge in the context of a pandemic. We have therefore taken the necessary measures to comply with the safety instructions communicated by the Quebec government and public health.

During our seasons in 2020 and 2021, our crew members and participants were tested for COVID-19 before boarding. We are confident that we will be able to continue our activities for this new season, continuing to apply the security measures recommended by the government.

2021 Edition

To discover our 2021 edition and to know the profile of our 2021 mentors. It’s here!


Crédit photo : Audrey Vézina & Caroline Holweck.

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