Learning about Everything

Dive into the unknown!
Follow in the footsteps of an explorer of the St. Lawrence.
“The wind, the breeze…
The rain, the fog…
Bursts of laughters and a few clashes.
The jib, the mainsail…
Sheets and backstays.
The open sea, the mountains, salt water, freshwater. Showers in marinas, walks of an hour and a half to go to the dep. Learn about everything.
Speaking the truth.
Naps on the bridge, sleeping in berths. Breakfast, lunch and dinner around the big table. The Perseids, bioluminescent phytoplankton… Stars surrounding our boat. Swimming in (too) cold water. Climbing natural waterfalls. Collecting sand dollars. Playing Loups-Garous at night. Docking in Rimouski.
Realizing you’re patient and caring.
Tying capstan knots. Falling asleep with the waves. Going to sleep too late, waking up too early. Being amazed by whales. Taking 50 thousand pictures. Missing your girlfriend and your dog. Cooking for 16 people. Failing at cooking. Putting too many spices. Fishing – and remembering why you’re a vegetarian. Sharing your spiritual side. Cleaning. Singing and dancing. Playing the ukulele.
Making friends.
Being cold, being hot. Contemplating beluga whales. Finding them so beautiful.
Feeling accepted.
Putting on warm socks. Waving at other boats.
Listening to the sound of a violin.
Listening to the sound of a flute.
Reflecting on the future.
Respecting your limits.
That’s what Capstan is for me.”
Capstan Participant, August 2018

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A Rest Day for Deckhands

This morning (unfortunately) was the mid-stay mark. We needed a reward: a quiet rest day. VACATIONS, FINALLY! We woke up at anchor close to Ile aux Pommes, where we arrived the day before under a shy sun hidden behind clouds (it is important to specify that we could wake up at 9). Our three “cooks”

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A Capstan Tale

Since we’ve boarded the EcoMaris 2 weeks ago as 12 stowaways following their path to freedom and responsibility, 5 scouts have taught us how to navigate and live with others, bringing us back to our “human-ity”. Since the start of the expedition, we’ve developped relationships, gained knowledge, discovered affinities and aknowledged who we are in

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This morning, the Roter Sand left Havre Colombier under the warm sun. The new mates attempted a manoeuvre, weighing the anchor and leaving the bay using only the sails. It required thorough preparation, communication an team coordination. We were then ready for our next challenge: a “mutiny”. Marguerite was our manoeuvre chief for the day,

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