Giving Back the St. Lawrence


Giving Back the St. Lawrence is an immersion into a fascinating world, through expeditions on a sail training vessel. During this interactive experience, knowledge comes from direct action. For students and counsellors alike, this expedition is a unique introduction to the wonders of the St. Lawrence.

It also is the opportunity to strengthen the link between teachers and students, develop soft skills and communication as well as implement projects that will be completed during the school year.


Aboard our training vessel, students are treated as crew members. They have a chance to participate in sailing manoeuvres and chores related to cooking and maintenance.

A typical day combines various chores, manoeuvres and theory-learning sessions. Each new activity is supervised by an official crew member.


Our expeditions show numerous results. Students who face bigger challenges at school (among which many boys, new Canadians, students under an intervention plan and young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds) tend to benefit from this program as it helps them grow on a personal, social and professionnal level while improving their performance in school.

Dates for this program will be announced shortly.


I knew that in every single thing we accomplish, we learn something new and become better. But I didn’t know how much this sailing expedition would actually help me.

I truly didn’t know. Never did I expect so many benefits.

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