Are you between 18 and 30 ? Are you unemployed ? Want to take stock ? Would you like to get involved in a project that makes sense to you ? Sign up for the Cabestan Program !

Come and discover what life on a boat is like during a two-week adventure aboard the EcoMaris sail training ship. You will be guided by sailing specialists who will share their passion for maritime life.

In 2021, the trips will take place in April, May, September and October.

Find out about yourself

A trip like no other!

Your involvement in this special adventure could allow you to:

  • Learn about yourself in a different way and meet exciting challenges
  • Broaden your horizons and meet new people
  • Learn about the St. Lawrence and maritime professions
  • Prepare for a future you really want


Here’s what to double-check while packing your bag:

  • You must have a desire to shake up your routine
  • You must be ready to enrol in this program from beginning to end, including its 1-year follow-up
  • You must be aged between 18 and 30 years old
  • You must be unemployed
  • Students are not eligible
  • You must be available for the training sessions as well as for the 2-week program aboard the sailboat.

A CJE, an ally

Quebec’s CJEs are precious allies to the Capstan program. Your first meeting at a CJE (to evaluate your specific needs) will allow you to determine which program can help you reach your goals (going back to school, changing careers, finding a job, etc.). Your CJE counsellor will guide you through the necessary steps before and after the expedition.

Your participation in the project benefits from being part of an action plan realized by a counselor of your Carrefour Jeunesse-emploi.

A clear plan made with your CJE counsellor can dramatically enhance your experience.

For additional information, please contact Joëlle Boily at or by calling 418-800-1126, extension 2


As for many non-profit organizations in Quebec, COVID-19 has an impact on our activities. Navigating with multiple passengers in a confined area can be a challenge in the context of a pandemic. This is why we have taken the necessary measures to respect the safety instructions communicated by the Quebec government and public health.

In our 2020 season, our crew members and participants were tested for COVID-19 prior to boarding. We also respected social distancing and any other health measures within the team. Despite the uncertainty of the outside world, the stays that took place from July to October went very well. For many, the pandemic has created isolation, compounded mental health issues and added a layer of anxiety.

For our 2020 participants, these stays were a form of liberation and relief. In this context, the three expeditions took on even greater meaning and significance than usual. We sincerely believe that we will be able to resume full operations during the 2021 season by continuing to apply safety measures and, above all, that the situation of COVID-19 will improve in Quebec and around the world.

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Participant Testimonials

What is a Capstan?

A capstan is a machine with a spinning vertical cylinder, used to pull the anchor or tense various ropes on a traditional sailboat. A capstan is useful to combine the strengh of many crew members to pull, hold or control a heavy load.

Our Partners

This program is financed through the Canada-Quebec Contribution Agreement, which supports Quebec youth and receives the financial help of the federal government, more specificallythrough the regional section of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy.

This program was made possible by Quebec’s CJEs and CLEs. Thank you for your trust!

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