Capstan Review

“This trip was extremely humane and benevolent. I did it! Not without worry and apprehension, I dared confronting my fears in front of the crew and other participants. Being vulnerable and diving into the unknown. Confronting my anxiety and getting out of my comfort zone, once and for all. I did it… for that feeling of freedom anyone can aspire to. I did it… I pushed my limits and understood I was responsible for most obstacles in my way. The Roter Sand has left its mark: I learnt with my head, heart and body. It made me want to learn more about life. To ask less of myself. To stop constantly judging or comparing myself and to let myself be. It is crucial to listen to myself and to continue to blossom. To go for my dreams and believe they’re possible. To discover passions that inspire me! I chose to experience every moment intensely and without restraint, to welcome every one of these moments as is, despite the fear, and never trying to predict its outcome. To be cut from society allowed for a real break. Navigation aboard the sailboat was a delight. The feeling to belong to this sailing entity was undescribable. The crew trusted me more than I trusted myself. Everyone was reassuring, and cared for me. I immediately felt accepted without any judgement, undersood and considered. Accepted in a group, despite life challenges. Free to choose. I congratulated myself every step of the way. What seemed uncomfortable and unknown at first became the greatest journey: a journey within oneself. I ended the expedition with an intense boost of energy. I want to remember this pride and happiness I felt with this achievement. Fulfilled by rich moments or laughters, emotion and affection.”

Karine Desrosiers, Capstan participant, 2018

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A Rest Day for Deckhands

This morning (unfortunately) was the mid-stay mark. We needed a reward: a quiet rest day. VACATIONS, FINALLY! We woke up at anchor close to Ile aux Pommes, where we arrived the day before under a shy sun hidden behind clouds (it is important to specify that we could wake up at 9). Our three “cooks”

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A Capstan Tale

Since we’ve boarded the EcoMaris 2 weeks ago as 12 stowaways following their path to freedom and responsibility, 5 scouts have taught us how to navigate and live with others, bringing us back to our “human-ity”. Since the start of the expedition, we’ve developped relationships, gained knowledge, discovered affinities and aknowledged who we are in

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This morning, the Roter Sand left Havre Colombier under the warm sun. The new mates attempted a manoeuvre, weighing the anchor and leaving the bay using only the sails. It required thorough preparation, communication an team coordination. We were then ready for our next challenge: a “mutiny”. Marguerite was our manoeuvre chief for the day,

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